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500 Club

500 club was started by Anne Hudson in 1994. The idea was to raise funds for ongoing support towards the maintenance of “63”.

Your support is needed more than before. Explanation for the clubs and new members needs to be highlighted once again. You can buy one number for £12 for the year or £13 for setting up a direct debit. Bank order should be set up for renewal once a year. The draw takes place on last Friday of each month and two numbers get £50. Clubs can buy ticket with a view of winning and raising funds. It would be wonderful if you could buy more than one ticket to increase your chances of winning. 50% of all contributions help with the continuing maintenance. The treasurer of “63” has direct access to the account. 45% is issued as prize money. 5% is for admin cost.

Each 500 numbers sold will contribute £3000 annually for maintenance of “63”, but I need to increase the number of participants in order to achieve that figure once again.

It would be my aim to get at least 500 members for 500 club. Please help me to achieve that for your own “63” club.

In friendship