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At present the Shareholders’ register is not open for sales. As soon as the situation changes, we will publish details of how Soroptimist members can purchase shares.  

Shareholders can download the information below by using the Shareholder password.

Chairmans Blog Oct 2018

Papers for the Annual and Special General Meetings scheduled for Saturday 19 January 2019 are below:

No 63 2019 First Mailing Cover note

No 63 2019 Meetings Notice

No 63 2019 AGM Agenda

No 63 2019 SGM 1 Agenda

No 63 2019 Reconvened SGM Agenda

No 63 2019 AGM Nomination



Proposed New Rules of Number 63 (Soroptimist) Limited clean (2)

Proposed New Rules of Number 63 (Soroptimist) Limited marked up

Number 63 Notes to proposed new rules

Number 63 Meetings FAQs

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